Modern Ways for Chiropractors to Enhance Patient Experience


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When you enhance patient experience, both you and your patients can realize significant benefits.

Nearly all patients say that experience is a crucial factor when choosing a healthcare provider. When you provide a great patient experience, you get more loyal patients, which in turn, improves retention and customer lifetime value. You’re also more likely to get higher-quality reviews and referrals.

When you provide an exceptional patient experience, it can be a significant competitive advantage. About 81% of patients say that they are unsatisfied with their current healthcare experience. This represents a significant opportunity for you.

Also, when you enhance patient experience, patients respond better. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that multiple studies show that a better patient experience produces consistently better treatment outcomes.

Modern Tools for Enhancing Patient Experience

The patient experience extends beyond clean treatment rooms and polite interactions with the chiropractor. You also need modern tools that will provide a high-quality experience online.

More than a quarter of patients say that they have switched healthcare providers because of a poor digital experience. For many patients, it’s even higher: 60% of young patients report that they will switch if their healthcare providers don’t offer a robust digital experience. Failing to meet patient expectations digitally may cause you to lose business.

However, nearly two-thirds of patients say that they would leave favorable reviews if they had a great digital patient experience.

The right chiropractic software platform will enable you to enhance the patient experience digitally. It will also enable you to work more efficiently, so you can spend more time with patients during treatments.

CHIROSPRING provides the digital experience that patients want by streamlining systems and providing more flexibility throughout the entire process: before, during, and after the visit.

Before Treatments

With CHIROSPRING, patients can book appointments online and schedule anytime they want. Most patients say that they want the ability to book, change, or cancel appointments online, so granting them the ability to do this is crucial. This also enables you to keep your appointment book full without having to tie up your front desk handling scheduling manually. For large chiropractic practices with multiple locations, patients can see availability at each location.

Automated appointment reminders also help with the patient experience and can reduce no-shows. Offering online intake and onboarding allows patients to fill out information before treatments begin. This can happen when patients are at home or at your practice. You can add extra content, such as auto accident questionnaires or outcome assessments to reduce paperwork. All the information can automatically populate into SOAP notes.

The virtual front desk helps you organize patient visits. You can manage multiple patients, assign rooms, and track patient flow so you always know where patients are and what stage they are in.

During Treatments

Your chiropractic practice management system can also help enhance a patient’s experience during their time with the chiropractor. Their online intake information automatically transfers to SOAP notes, which saves time and eliminates having to ask patients the same questions or retype the information.

CHIROSPRING offers various tools to create fast, compliant, and audit-proof SOAP notes. You can quickly choose from pre-built templates without having to scroll or use drop-down menus. You can also create your own macros for shortcuts and use the built-in SALT button to copy information from previous visits and quickly mark today’s adjustments with a single click or touch.

All the information that you need to evaluate and treat patients is available digitally. This includes any documentation, imagery, or X-rays. You can also annotate images with the multiple tools included in the software.

These features create a faster, more efficient workflow and enable you to spend less time with the tech and more time directly working with your patients. This way, you can build better relationships and take the time to listen to patient concerns.

After Treatments

After treatments, you can enhance the patient experience by offering integrated payments. This makes the checkout and payment process faster and more convenient. You can accept eChecks/ACH payments and store credit or debit cards on file so patients can speed through checkout. You can also create scheduled or recurring payments.

CHIROSPRING’s automated system turns SOAP notes into billing to streamline the process and avoid any duplication of effort. You can also submit reimbursement requests electronically to insurance, streamlining the billing and payment process.

Modernize Your Chiropractic Practice and Enhance Patient Experience

CHIROSPRING’s practice management software gives you the tools that you need to modernize and streamline your practice. Not only will it reduce manual work and improve your efficiency, but it also helps enhance patient experience.

CHIROSPRING is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how CHIROSPRING can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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