Improving the Patient Experience: Quick Tips for Chiropractors


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Growing a practice has always been challenging, but the task has intensified in recent years due to healthcare reform, advances in technology, and increased competition. Healthcare consumers are also changing: they are demanding more from their health providers in the way of the patient experience. Improving the patient experience is a crucial element of success across all aspects of healthcare, particularly for chiropractors, given the demographics of the field.

The good news is that technology has evolved to help improve the patient experience in new ways, including by automating certain tasks.

CHIROSPRING offers a practice management and electronic health records system with the capabilities for bettering the patient experience and growing revenue while also reducing the burdens of running the business.

Here are a few quick tips on initiatives for improving the patient experience using CHIROSPRING.

Enable Online Scheduling

The legacy model of appointment scheduling has always required a significant investment of time from you, your staff, and patients. For example, when the patient calls to seek a slot on the schedule, it requires a staff member to break away from in-office tasks to help identify a mutually convenient time.

With connection technology, patients can do it themselves. The CHIROSPRING platform has an online scheduling model that enables patients to choose when and where they want to visit.

This capability has many advantages, including being able to capture appointments from customers who may decide to reach out when the office is closed or who are unable or unwilling to talk on the phone.

Institute Automated Appointment Reminders

CHIROSPRING recognizes that the rate of no-shows is a significant challenge for many offices. For one thing, it costs you money. The CHIROSPRING system includes the ability to auto-schedule appointment reminders.

These reminders can be delivered via text message, an increasingly effective way of reaching patients with relevant messages. Staff members can set the reminders and move on to other more valuable tasks.

Studies have shown that automated appointment reminders are effective at ensuring that patients arrive at their appointed times.

Improve Patient Flow for Reduced Wait Times

Running a high-volume practice makes it challenging to move patients in and out efficiently. Confusion sometimes results if doctors and attendants are not sure which patient is in what treatment bay. Coordinating who is next to be seen eats up valuable time.

CHIROSPRING has an integrated module to assist with patient flow. This tool gives you a single view of activity in all your treatment rooms to enable informed and rapid team coordination.

Making use of this module minimizes the amount of time that patients spend waiting and maximizes the number of patients you can treat.

Eliminate Paper

With the CHIROSPRING platform, you have the ability to streamline your processes in a way that favors patients. For instance, you can create your intake and other patient forms and put them all online. Patients can complete the forms at their own convenience and send them to your office well before arriving for the appointment.

Digitized online intake forms also provide improved accuracy and saved time, and you no longer need staff to type answers into the system.

Practice management software also delivers efficiency when it comes to patient complaints. The CHIROSPRING application has embedded ways of recording new health complaints while re-evaluating progress of resolving old complaints. The system includes various methods of visualizing patient progress.

Streamline Patient Documentation

Focusing on improving the patient experience has much to do with how you administer care, and CHIROSPRING can help make you a better chiropractor with tools for capturing and accessing information about your patient quickly.

The system can also help highlight unfinished SOAP notes, which are essential for obtaining insurance reimbursements. The sooner those are completed, the sooner the patient’s policy engages and the sooner you get paid. Streamlining billing practices can significantly improve the patient experience.

Benefits of bringing SOAP notes online through CHIROSPRING include:

  • Marking areas to avoid
  • Viewing adjustment histories
  • Accessing pre-loaded adjustment techniques
  • Addition of annotable imagery to speed diagnoses

Seeking ways to expand digital patient recordkeeping through CHIROSPRING is crucial for improving the patient experience.

Get Better at Billing

More submissions to insurance companies with accurate coding lead to faster turnaround times for benefits being paid to insurers and patients.

For instance, the CHIROSPRING application can capture multiple insurance cases. This is helpful when a patient may be seeking care after sustaining personal injuries in a car accident. You may have to help them file claims to both their insurance and the other driver’s insurance company. The CHIROSPRING platform has an easy way of opening multiple instances so all bills can be filed appropriately and on time.

You can also submit claims to insurance at no cost, savings that you can pass on to patients or take to the bottom line.

Improving your billing accuracy and turnaround through CHIROSPRING’s claims tools helps enhance the patient experience.

Team with CHIROSPRING for an Improved Patient Experience

The CHIROSPRING practice management application was developed by chiropractors, for chiropractors, with the patient experience in mind. It combines practice management and electronic health records capabilities for the purposes of improved delivery of chiropractic care.

The many features in CHIROSPRING will enable you and your staff to build your practice in a way that benefits patients, using streamlined scheduling, billing, record-keeping, and care delivery.

The result is a reputation for ease of use, a full calendar, happier patients, more paid claims, less paperwork, and growing revenue. CHIROSPRING automates tasks so chiropractors and staff can regain face-time with patients and spend less time on back-office tasks.

CHIROSPRING is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how CHIROSPRING can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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