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  • Learn how to make your billing simpler and stop missing payments.
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If you’re like most chiropractors, you got into the chiropractic business to treat patients and help improve their quality of life. On too many days, however, it can seem like it’s more about the “business” part of the practice than the patient part. While essential to your success, the time spent with non-patient (i.e., non-revenue-generating) activities can limit the ability of your practice to grow.

On a typical day, you and your staff can spend a significant amount of time dealing with manual tasks, collections and insurance, record maintenance, scheduling, and dealing with patient no-shows. One recent survey revealed that the average doctor spends more than twenty hours a week on paperwork and administrative tasks—more than twice the amount of time that it took just a few years ago.

Think for a moment about how your practice would change if you could reduce the time that it takes to handle the business side. Could you see more patients? Could you avoid working those long days? Could you actually take some time off?

There is a way to significantly reduce paperwork and administrative tasks, free up staff time, and get more done more quickly. Chiropractic practice management software, like CHIROSPRING, can help you establish an end-to-end workflow that speeds everything up and makes it easy to handle the business side of your practice more efficiently.

How Chiropractic Practice Management Software Makes Running Your Business Easier

The right chiropractic practice management software will have a suite of tools that work together to save you time and make it easier to run your practice efficiently.

Let’s take a look at how chiropractic practice management software like CHIROSPRING can help.

Care Plans

Getting your patients on a care plan will provide better outcomes for your patients and more recurring revenue for your practice. Care plans are done more on a cash basis, so you don’t have to worry about the headaches and delays in getting paid or burn upfront desk hours trying to get insurance claims settled.

You need an easy way to manage different packages of care and track the service used (and what’s remaining). Chiropractic practice management software can do that for you.

CHIROSPRING can create and manage commitment agreements allowing patients to review services and payment terms and do an electronic acceptance. Because you can customize the terms, you can offer discounts for cash business to encourage an easier way for you to manage cash flow.

You can also provide multiple payment options for care plans. Because everything in your system is integrated, billing and integrated payments are handled automatically.

SOAP Notes

It becomes much easier to handle SOAP notes using a comprehensive chiropractic practice management software.

Simplifying SOAP notes—auto-SALT, pre-built treatments, charges, diagnoses—allows you to spend less time recording and retrieving patient SOAP notes and spend more time interacting with patients. Built-in macros can generate complete sentences or even paragraphs for common SOAP notes, saving even more time.

You can use a computer, or even better a Windows tablet to document with touch, when working with patients, and your notes will automatically be recorded in the system.

You can also provide online intake so a patient can populate complaints, pain levels, and outcome assessments prior to their visit.  This ensures both a comprehensive and fast SOAP note as it is mostly complete even before you start it.

SOAP notes are recorded within CHIROSPRING and attached to care plans, patient records, and appointments. Visits automatically SALT (same as last time) for things like diagnosis, charges, adjustments or even free text.  Things like exams can be pulled from the previous exam in a single click.  This makes the entire process faster and easier and saves time.


Sixty-six percent of business owners say that the amount of time that it takes to manage cash flow is one of their biggest pain points. Juggling patient payments and past due invoices and chasing insurance companies is never fun.

With chiropractic practice management software, claims are automatically generated and pre-scrubbed for errors when a SOAP note is assigned.

When it’s time to process billing, you can easily submit it to the clearinghouse of your choice via secure FTP. You can track accounts receivable using tools to ensure that claims get paid and do automated ERA reconciliation with denial management built in.

By automating so much of the processing, you’re reducing the time that it takes to handle billing and improve collections. You also ensure that you always have accurate patient ledgers and reduce errors.

Since everything is interconnected with CHIROSPRING, everything about a patient is connected to their records and available with a click.

Patient Statements

Nobody likes to have to chase patients to pay their bills. Even if you’re aggressive about collections, plenty of people are still going to owe you money.

The easier it is to generate patient statements and allow patients to pay their bills, the better it is. You need a simple and affordable way to send statements and collect payments.

With an integrated chiropractic practice management software, you can easily create statements to send to your patients. Reports quickly show you only the patients who owe you money. There’s no need to dig through ledgers.

  • Within CHIROSPRING, you can set filters, such as a minimal amount, so you’re not wasting time and spending money sending a statement for 20 cents.
  • You can also add announcements, such as “final notice before sending to collections” or any other comment.
  • Statement supporter guarantors will be referenced automatically, so the statement goes to the right person, such as a parent rather than a child.

You can also take advantage of online payment options to make it easier for patients to pay their bills when they get a statement.

You can print, fold, and mail statements yourself or use the chiropractic practice management software to do it for you. For example, CHIROSPRING offers Etactics which prints envelopes and stamps and sends statements out for you for less than you could do it in-house.

All these features can reduce staff time, make the payment process more manageable, and improve your cash flow.

Online Scheduling

Chiropractic practice management software is designed to make everything work together and make it easier for you to handle administrative tasks.

Online scheduling saves time for patients and staff. It’s easy to establish repeat appointments and view available times for scheduling. Because everything about the patient is connected, CHIROSPRING automatically pulls in co-pay, co-insurance, notes, and any outstanding balance, so the information is right there for you to view.

After scheduling, it’s simple to click and print a list of future visits for patients. For doctors, it makes it easy to plan your day. You can use one screen to manage all your appointments, even across multiple practice locations.

Color coding enables you to distinguish between appointments or block out time slots. You can view the appointment details by hovering over them, so you can quickly scan what’s coming up next or throughout the day.

Online Intake

Anything that you can move to a digital solution, like collecting patient information, will save you time. Rather than having patients fill out paper forms and having someone transcribe them into the records, everything is done online and attached to records.

Online intake reduces not only staff time in managing records but also errors in transcribing or trying to decipher someone’s handwriting.

There’s less worry about having an insurance claim denied because it looked like the patient wrote a “1” when it was really a “7.” Up to half of denied claims occur because of issues around the point of patient registration, such as errors and inefficient workflow.

As patients enter their information, such as demographics, personal details, contacts, , medical history, and problems, it all becomes part of the internal record that’s attached to the patient profile and can be accessed at any time.

Online intake allows for digital acknowledgment and signing, including HIPAA documents, practice policies, payment forms, etc. You can also create custom intake questions specific to your practice. Here’s another big time-saver: custom intake questions can transfer directly into SOAP notes, so they don’t have to be entered separately.

Online documentation reduces paperwork for everyone. Both storage and retrieval are easier, and it eliminates the need for paper records.

Reporting and Analytics

With chiropractic practice management software linking everything together, reports and analytics are more accessible.

With CHIROSPRING, you get automated reports that can be set up in any way that you want. You can also produce reports and information on demand to help you run your practice, including things like:

  • Practice statistics
  • Aged AR reports
  • Product inventory
  • Appointments pending

One feature that we particularly like within CHIROSPRING is the Patients Missing in Action feature. This quickly pulls patients that you haven’t seen in a while. They might have failed to complete care plans or missed appointments or do not have any future consultations scheduled. This provides an easy way to contact patients and follow up with them to generate additional appointments.

Reporting and analytics also allow you to evaluate the health of your chiropractic practice. For example, you can compare performance against previous periods, look at earnings summaries by providers or locations, and track insurance AR.

This data allows you to see trends before they become problems. It also helps find errors, such as unfinished SOAP notes. Reports can help you maintain an accurate inventory and better manage reorder points, so you can make sure that you have the products that you or your patients need.

Appointment Reminders

A recent survey of medical practices showed that 44% of practices say that no-shows are their biggest challenge with appointments. Missed appointments cost the US healthcare system $150B annually. Not only do you lose out on the revenue generated from the appointment, but you’ve also lost the opportunity to use that time for another patient.

Tracking down patients who missed appointments to reschedule takes time away from more important tasks. By automating appointment reminders, you can handle most of the process without having to physically call patients every time to remind them. The best chiropractic practice management software will allow patients to choose how they want to get reminders (email, text, voice, etc.), allow for the customization of patient reminder messages, and offer two-way sync for patient confirmations.

For example, with CHIROSPRING, when patients get a text reminding them of an appointment, they can reply to confirm, and it automatically populates the record.

Research shows that more than half of patients missing appointments do so because they forget about the appointment or forget to cancel or reschedule. Appointment reminders keep it top of mind and urge patients to contact you if they are unable to come in. Getting advance notice that someone won’t be coming at least allows you to schedule the time with other patients and avoid downtime.

Appointment reminders help you solve one of your biggest frustrations in a much more efficient way. They have been shown to reduce no-shows by as much as 30% and reduce the workload for the office staff.

Front Desk Management

Chiropractic practice management software can create a significantly smoother workflow for your front desk and for your patients.

CHIROSPRING’s front desk flow management saves time for front desk staff in managing patients and reduces the wait time for patients.

When everything in your entire infrastructure is integrated into one comprehensive management system, it is simpler to find exactly what you need to process patients more quickly and efficiently.

At the front desk, it’s easy to manage:

  • Patient room assignments and movements
  • Billing and claims
  • Cash register
  • Form management

For doctors, color coding can provide a visual reference to indicate the type of appointment, such as an initial consultation, adjustment, or treatment follow-up.

You can also sort appointments. For example, the CHIROSPRING provider view lets doctors see only their patients, appointments scheduled by type, and any unfinished SOAP notes that need to be completed.

Integrated Payments

Another powerful benefit of using the right chiropractic practice management software is integrated payments. When you can process all your scheduled payments in one app and auto-post to patient ledgers, you can save significant amounts of time.

Your integrated payments options will handle secure credit card storage so you don’t have to ask for cards each time or swipe them again. You will also be able to accept eCheck or ACH payments and have everything auto-deposited to your business’s bank accounts.

CHIROSPRING has a built-in system for handling and processing credit card fees that won’t cost you any more than what you’re already paying.

There’s another significant benefit of integrating payment information. When patients have to pull out a credit card or pay in cash each time they visit, it’s a reminder of what it costs. When you retain the information in the system and handle it behind the scenes, payments are disassociated from the visit, and patients are more likely to return.

Patient Reviews

It’s a fact of life in today’s digital world: Any online reviews posted about you and your practice can make a big difference in whether patients make appointments, especially if they are new patients who aren’t familiar with you.

How important are patient reviews? One study showed that 62% of people use online reviews as their first step in finding a new healthcare provider.

While it’s not a feature in most chiropractic practice management software systems, CHIROSPRING has partnered with Zingit to help practices manage reviews.

Zingit provides automated 4- to 5-star Google and Facebook reviews. If patients give your practice anything other than 4 or 5 stars, the review goes to the chiropractor directly so you can address it. Bad reviews go to the doctor instead of getting posted on your website.

Like it or not, you need to manage reviews, especially when someone posts something negative. About 80% of people say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Zingit integrates with your electronic health records system to manage reviews and testimonials, as well as your website.

Manage Your Entire Practice with Chiropractic Practice Management Software

When you can manage your entire practice from your chiropractic practice management software, everything works more smoothly. It provides a better patient experience. Patients flow more seamlessly during visits. Paperwork is easier for everyone, and it cuts down on the administrative tasks required. Everyone can focus on patient health rather than paperwork.

There’s a smoother payment flow as well. Much of the process can be automated, which lets you get paid more quickly with fewer billing concerns and increased patient retention. 

Ultimately, you free up hours that were previously spent on administrative work, so you can spend more time with patients and book more appointments.

CHIROSPRING has every feature that you need to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits. Our chiropractic practice management software dramatically reduces the amount of manual administration. Automation, powerful statistical reporting, and quick access to anything that you need can help you grow your practice.

“Whether you are an established practice or just starting out, CHIROSPRING will be the best investment you make towards a successful practice.” —Dr. James Robin, DC, Chiropractic Solutions

CHIROSPRING is the number-one cloud-based HER practice management software that’s designed and built to manage chiropractor practices. A simple and intuitive interface integrates everything into one easy-to-use platform with every feature that you need.

“Since using CHIROSPRING, our collections went from 78% to 92% in three months!” —Stacey Clark, D.C., Lyndonville Family Chiropractic

You get every feature that we’ve discussed in this ebook, along with 24/7 data backup so your records are always secure. Data is encrypted, and secure access limits data access to only authorized users. There are no limits on how many computers can be used or how many staff members can use CHIROSPRING.

“The speed, simplicity, and intuitiveness of the software is hands down better than any other program I’ve used in my twenty years as a family chiropractor. Oh, and the customer service is just as fast and friendly.” —Dr. Doug Stanko, DC

We provide live training and unlimited support, and there are no long-term contracts. We believe so strongly in our ability to make your life easier that once you try it, we think that you’ll want to use CHIROSPRING forever.

“This software includes everything to run your practice all in one easy-to-use interface. CHIROSPRING gives amazing flexibility and freedom to customize however you want! You will not believe how easy it is to get set up and get going.” —Sara Haggett, Goodyear Chiropractic

CHIROSPRING eliminates paper and improves the workflow of your practice. It optimizes SOAP notes, connects every piece of data to patient records, and takes the worry out of losing essential data.

CHIROSPRING is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how CHIROSPRING can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!