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Chiropractic Practice Management: Minimizing the Back Office to Focus on Patient Care

If you’re reading this, you’re probably tired of spending more time managing your back office than being focused on growing your practice and seeing more patients. We’ve spoken to many chiropractors who are dealing with the same headaches. They want to spend less time making and receiving phone calls. They want to spend less time filling charts and pulling X-rays. Scanning documents? They want less of that too. And we won’t even get started on how much time is spent on data entry.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to deal with those headaches anymore. 

Now, while we can’t fully automate your job, we can help you drastically reduce the amount of time that you spend on these tasks so you can spend more time seeing patients and growing your practice.

Maybe that sounds too good to be true. But we can prove it! We help chiropractors get back to focusing on business, not complications, by making it easier for them to run their practices.

It all starts with an EHR that is designed around and specifically created for chiropractors.

The EHR Built Specifically for Chiropractors

Here’s the problem that we kept hearing from chiropractors: because the EHR they use was never designed for them, they either have to make a ton of modifications to create a workflow that moves the way their practice does or worse, they have to piecemeal multiple software solutions together. 

Creating a system like that costs money up front, and in the long run, it costs time that they’d otherwise spend with patients. 

By designing an EHR specifically for chiropractors, we eliminated the need for them to string together solutions—because they’re chiropractors, not IT pros. On top of that, burnout and time spent using EHRs are some of the greatest challenges of independent practices

With the right EHR in place, chiropractor can improve their workflows, eliminate redundancies, and focus more on personal tasks and patient care. 

That EHR is CHIROSPRING, a fully customizable, cloud-based, practice management software solution created specifically for chiropractors. What does that mean, exactly? We’ll break it all down so you can see the benefits, but first, we’ll start with the basics.

The importance of using an EHR made specifically for chiropractors

Many chiropractors believe that all EHR software is fairly equal and that they can successfully use solutions that varied medical practices use. But the struggles of working with most EHRs manifest themselves in daily operations.

For example, chiropractors handle and treat a specialized set of conditions that a pediatrician or family practitioner may not encounter. The software they use should be designed specifically for chiropractors, chiropractic management needs, chiropractic billing structures, and chiropractic coding requirements. 

This way, you aren’t wasting time and money on software with irrelevant tools. Having in place such features as advanced care plans, outcome assessments, or even a digital spine is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Chiropractors need practice management software that was designed specifically for them.

How to Minimize Back-Office Tasks

Many practices experience the build-up of work. While the simplest solution may be not letting it occur in the first place, back-office tasks can pile up simply because time-consuming processes consume time

The longer it takes to accomplish those tasks, the greater the likelihood that it will impact other tasks that also take up time and may have greater immediacy. Before you know it, you’re swimming in a backlog.

But there are ways to minimize the problem with practice management software. The following tips can prevent work from building up while simultaneously minimizing back-office tasks.

Make Scheduling Easier

Implementing online scheduling and automatic patient reminders eliminates the need to manually complete paperwork or spend hours playing phone tag with patients.

Everyone is used to modern conveniences, to some degree. Not only do we get used to these conveniences, but we also expect them, even in the medical world. Use that to your advantage by making it easier for patients to schedule, reschedule, and confirm appointments so you can take the guesswork out of your patient flow.

Patients can select the service that they want to schedule at the location they prefer, and the software presents them with available time slots. 

As appointments are made, they automatically sync with your calendar. 

Let’s say that one of your patients recommends a friend. That new potential patient can make an appointment without you needing to do a thing, because when they schedule, a new record is automatically created for them. The entire process saves time for the office staff, who can now focus more on patients.

Reclaim Countless Hours Spent on Intake

It can sometimes take around thirty minutes to do a traditional patient intake. That’s the time that you or your staff spend on one patient. Multiply that by how many new patients you must go through that process with, and add that up over the course of a month. That’s how many hours you can reclaim in a month. Now multiply that by 12. 

It’s time to get your time back.

Now imagine getting all your patient information in one centralized location without having to use paper or worry about it syncing to the practice’s EHR software and without you or your staff spending physical time on each intake. 

Incorporating an online intake/patient kiosk allows patients to input pertinent information, including:

  • Personal Information
  • Acknowledgments/Consent Forms
  • Custom Intake Questions
  • Medications/Allergies/Problems
  • Complaints
  • Demographics/Smoking Status
  • Emergency Contact/Employment Information
  • Family History
  • Outcome Assessments
  • Personal Information
  • Review of Systems

Having a kiosk also eliminates the need for office staff to request patient signatures on documents such as the HIPAA policy, X-ray consent, etc.

Create Audit-Proof SOAP Notes (Faster and with Less Work)

Writing fast and audit-proof SOAP notes are integral to patient care and the health of your practice. You can save a significant amount of time with preloaded macros in SOAP notes that contain details about the patient and their treatment. The information is accessible with the touch of a button.

Using macros is an elegant and straightforward solution to minimizing back-office tasks while creating accurate, detailed, and fast SOAP notes. Macros ensure that you’re documenting a patient’s visit in sufficient detail.

Chiropractors love preloaded macros for SOAP notes because:

  • They’re easy to use.
  • They open your practice up to more patients through efficient documentation.
  • Chiropractors get to chart exams faster.
  • Chiropractors can create their own macros based specifically on how they work.

Streamline Billing and Get Paid Faster

A standout feature of SOAP notes is that they contain information for the billing department to ensure accuracy when sending claims to clearinghouses. This way, it’s easier to identify and track every dollar that the practice earns.

When your billing app communicates with your SOAP notes, you don’t have to worry about losing track of the charges. In a glance, you’ll know what’s not signed, what’s submitted, and what’s still waiting to be sent.

Simpler billing means simpler ways to:

  • Automatically calculate the information you need.
  • Resubmit claims.
  • View charges by specific insurance or patient.
  • Filter charges by aging (for those outstanding payments that you don’t want to lose track of).

Reconcile Faster

Reconciling can be a pain in the neck, one that takes a ton of time. If you reconcile remittances electronically using ERA files from the clearinghouse, unpaid charges are automatically flagged for you.

This means you spend less time:

  • Disputing charges
  • Writing individual notes on charges
  • Marking charges receiving a denial
  • Charging patients
  • Writing off charges
  • Re-billing charges
  • Marking deductibles 

Take a closer look at faster reconciliation.

Know That Better Management Means Better Patient Care

When there are fewer administrative tasks, there’s more time to spend with patients.

Your Practice: Optimized for More Patient Care and Less Tedious Work

EHR for chiropractors is a specialized software explicitly developed for chiropractors to provide tools that improve processes and workflows. Managing a chiropractic office without proper EHR software makes the process significantly more challenging. Here are many of the benefits that chiropractors can expect when implementing this software solution into their practice.

Anytime access

Access information at any time and from any device with an internet connection. It doesn’t matter if chiropractors need to access patient files when they’re at home or traveling; cloud-based EHR makes it possible. Chiropractors can rest assured that their devices are supported, including Macs, PCs, and tablets. Cloud-based EHR ensures that chiropractors can access the information they need without being tied down to a single location.

Paperless freedom 

EHR means practices can eliminate the clutter of paper documents. That’s beneficial to chiropractors who have a goal of running a paperless practice. The EHR process means that the practice’s receipts, reports, SOAP notes, and statements are all digital, from creation to storage. Chiropractors and staff can upload documents or images into their patient’s dashboard, thus eliminating paper permanently. 

Maximized revenue

It’s easier for practices to get paid using simplified billing processes. Every outstanding charge neatly organizes into the software’s billing app, so chiropractors and staff can easily edit or add notes to them and receive the money that they’ve earned.

Fewer staff members

Fast and powerful software automation means chiropractic offices are more streamlined and efficient, including the number of people it needs to run optimally. Software automation means that practices can reduce staff while still increasing efficiency.

Saved time and money

This practice management solution saves on the cost to back up data, server costs, staffing, and more. When chiropractic offices have higher levels of organization and billing improvements, that naturally increases revenue. 

No lost data

Losing data to a computer crash or virus is a real concern for chiropractic offices nationwide. One of the stand-out benefits of using cloud-based EHR is that it backs up twenty-four times a day into three HIPAA-compliant clouds. This software uses the latest security technologies to ensure that all data is encrypted and secured.

Audit-proof SOAP notes 

Chiropractic EHR software includes advanced macros that enable chiropractors to write quick, audit-proof SOAP notes. These macros meet the strictest standards set by attorneys and Medicare.


Minimizing back-office tasks is possible by implementing chiropractic practice management tools from CHIROSPRING. Using EHR in your practice effectively manages workflows, minimizes back-office tasks, enhances the scheduling process, simplifies billing, and more. Contact one of the representatives from CHIROSPRING today to receive a quote for this practice management solution.

CHIROSPRING is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how CHIROSPRING can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!