5 Ways to Improve Patient Experience: Insights for Chiropractors


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Patient satisfaction is a critical determinant of your practice’s success. If your patients are unhappy with the provided care, they may fail to renew their subscriptions. They might even shift to competitors and negatively review your services.

A chiropractic practice must meet patients’ needs in order to scale. It should also provide competitive services and offer patients value for their money.

Embracing modern ways to improve the patient experience will reduce churn, support chiropractic practice growth, and boost the number of referrals.

Here are five practical and modern ways to keep your patients happy.

1. Remind Patients about Appointments

Many patients forget about their appointments due to busy schedules. This issue prevents them from receiving the necessary chiropractic care and lowers treatment results. It may also cause losses if the patient is already subscribed to a care plan.

Improve experiences in your practice by reminding patients about their appointments. Send reminders via text or email several days before the session. Ensure that the message includes the appointment time and date for future reference.

Since tracking patients’ sessions is time consuming, automate the reminder process with software. The ideal solution should automatically send notifications to patients before their session and enable them to confirm their visits so you can plan your day.

Reminding patients about appointments helps them keep up with their chiropractic needs. Likewise, it simplifies planning activities to avoid missing sessions. Using scheduling software to send reminders will also lower the need for them to call your office for confirmation.

2. Offer Flexible Care Plans

Your patients’ chiropractic care needs will vary based on their conditions. If you create generic programs, you might not meet everyone’s needs. You may also lower patient satisfaction and find it hard to achieve health goals.

Ensure that patients are happy with your services by offering flexible care plans. Before creating these programs, though, study your patients’ needs. An ideal strategy is to send surveys and questionnaires. Ask the patients about the therapies that they want you to offer.

Other factors to consider when creating care plans are:

  • Patients’ treatment goals
  • Income
  • Willingness to pay
  • Treatments offered by competitors

Once you create care plans, ensure that they have flexible pricing. Offer subscription programs with different charges based on income. Allow patients to pay for these services with cash and credit cards.

Offering flexible care will help you meet diverse needs. You can also provide reliable chiropractic care at pocket-friendly prices. Embracing subscription-based care plans will reduce costs for your patients and practice.

3. Improve How You Handle Complaints

Patients may have a few concerns about your services, whether it’s the offered care, pricing, customer support, or time availability. If you don’t address these issues, they may lower patient satisfaction and damage your practice’s reputation in the chiropractic field.

Improve experiences by conducting regular patient satisfaction surveys. Then, deal with the raised issues and update your patients. This measure will show that you value them and respect their opinions.

While handling complaints is vital, it may be challenging, especially when running a practice with several branches. Simplify this process for patients and your team using digital solutions.

Get software that enables you to customize complaint forms. With such a tool, you can track each issue and address it promptly. This way, patients won’t forward the same complaint repeatedly or call your office for a follow-up.

4. Simplify Billing

Lining up to pay for chiropractic services can frustrate patients. It also wastes time and discourages them from attending appointments.

Simplifying billing is one of the most effective ways to improve patient experience. Ease this process by using chiropractor software with integrated payment tools. This step will help you automate the process and save time for patients. It also lowers the risk of error because you don’t have to key in data manually.

Other ways that such solutions can boost patient experiences are:

  • Increasing billing transparency
  • Enabling patients to track their spending on chiropractic care
  • Avoiding the risk of insurance fraud

When looking for a tool to simplify billing in your chiropractic practice, ensure that it enables you to store cards on file. This feature means employees won’t have to repeatedly request payment information.

5. Improve the Patient Flow

Another way to boost patient experiences is by improving patient flow. This will lower wait times and avoid crowding in the lobby. Additionally, it enables you to keep each session within the allocated time.

Coordinate work with your front desk team to streamline the patient flow. One practical way is by using software to notify employees when a patient’s session is almost over. This measure will enable them to prepare the documents needed for check-out.

Other ways to boost patient flow are leaving enough gaps between sessions and preparing adequately.

Leverage Ways to Improve Patient Experience with CHIROSPRING

Adopting suitable software will help you implement ways to improve patient experience. CHIROSPRING has all the tools that you need to boost efficiency in your practice.

With this software, you can ease billing, patient intake, and handling concerns. You can also create suitable care plans and track subscriptions.

CHIROSPRING is an all-in-one practice management and EHR system built specifically for chiropractors to help them regain face-time with patients, spend less time on back-office tasks, maintain a limited staff, and save operational costs.

To see how CHIROSPRING can help you simplify how you manage your practice, reach out to one of our specialists today!

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